For those Sims 2 fans who enjoyed exploring Downtown, there was a house just on the edge of the cemetery called the House of Fallen Trees. The house was large, old-fashioned, and looked abandoned. For those who ventured inside and found the door in the side hall, they found a long rambling set of stairs that climbed downward into a deep, dark cellar. At the bottom lay an empty pair of coffins. In the backyard of this house lay a pair of graves bearing the name “Tricou”. In the graveyard nearby were six more graves also bearing the same name. None of the sims in town seemed to know these people, except for a random handful of teenagers who wandered the city. Apart from them, the family seemed to have no survivors.

What happened at the House of Fallen Trees?

Thankfully, the Sims 3 takes us a step backward in time, to when Mortimer and Bella Goth were young. Events that once seemed long past have not been entirely forgotten yet. Not far from the busy city of Bridgeport lies a sleepy little bayou town called Twinbrook. High up on a hillside overlooking the dilapidated old railway wreckage, the House of Fallen Trees still stands, watched closely by several sets of curious eyes. The newest pair belongs to young Alasdair Tricou, who grew up an orphan in Bridgeport, unaware of his unique family connections until the day a strange letter arrived from Twinbrook regarding an inheritance of land. The house itself, however, still sits empty save for a single caretaker, Rainelle Neengia, who has moved into the old family estate. A visit to the house, and to Rainelle, proves enlightening, and begins the unraveling of a long and twisted tale…

This is the story that will be told here.

My Sims 3 Legacy follows the family of Alasdair Tricou, his involvement with the Vampires of Twinbrook, the tale behind what happened at the House of Fallen Trees, and what happens next as he secures a safe future for his children and their future generations. You can find the actual story detailed on the pages here, as well as my running blog about the more technical aspects of playing the Sims, and the many screenshots that happen along the way. There is also a link to my page on the Sims 3 site, which holds uploaded memories and a copy of the custom sims I began the neighborhood with.